SAW: Escape Experience London

SAW: Escape Experience London

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Hello London. You thought it was over, but the games have just begun. This multi room, immersive escape experience is brought to you in partnership with Lionsgate, Twisted Pictures, and The Path Entertainment Group. Combining the thrill of escape rooms with the theatricality of immersive experiences, SAW Escape Experience London will test your mind, your mettle, and your moral choices. No action is without consequence. Do you think you have what it takes to escape Jigsaw’s latest test? Let the games begin. There are two unique paths to redemption.
The Spiral Route or the Jigsaw Route. Make your choice.


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1 America Square
1 America Square

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70 minutes


5 minute walk from Tower Hill and Tower Gateway stations 5 minutes walk from Fenchurch Street Station

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